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  Presentation : Museum Vito Mele  

I give praise to the Lord and to the Holy Virgin of Leuca for the long-desired realisation of this museum, which we willingly name after Vito Mele
in recognition of our gratitude.
This project has been on my agenda since 1989, when I was offered the post of Rector of the Sanctuary - now the Basilica Minore of Finibus Terrae.
Setting up a museum which would gather together local artefacts and works of art has always been among the projects dear to my heart, some realised
and others still in the pipeline. This dream, thanks to the will of the Madonna, is on the way to becoming reality.
Several lapidary relics dating back hundreds of years are now housed in the Basilica's atrium. At the same time we have managed to restore two
beautiful adjacent rooms, each with centuries of history behind them, and they now house the bronze sculptures and original plaster models of noted
19th century and contemporary artists. There are already more than one hundred works in our possession.






It is my wish that the Vito Mele Museum should continue to develop, hosting not only the works of our local Salentine artists but also those of
national and international fame.
My heartfelt thanks go to Vito Mele, who was born in Presicce and is thus a native of the Leuca peninsua although he has for years lived in Milan,
for having welcomed my proposal and donated his large collection of bronzes to the Basilica.
My warmest thanks are also due to the master crafstmen Francesco Petracca, who made the wrought ironwork for the display cabinets for the
smaller works, and to Arnaldo Frazzetto for the splendid portal, this too in wrought iron, which divides the two rooms of the museum.
I wish to express my gratitude to all those who believed in our project and who contributed to its realisation.
I am more than ever convinced that every Sanctuary worthy of respect - and the Sanctuary of Leuca certainly is - should have not only space
dedicated to religious services, prayer and charitable works, but also an area dedicated to art and beauty which one approaches with joy, a beating
heart, and due respect. Beauty as an apparition always induces a yearning of the heart and a longing to make time stand still so that we can feast our
eyes on something so grandiose and yet elusive.

Mons. Giuseppe Stendardo Rettore - Parroco Basilica Santuario “S. Maria de Finibus Terrae”

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