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I have always had a deep love for the works of the great artists, a passion which grew during my career with foundries specialising in the minting of medals and the casting of sculptures. Over the years I have acquired many works of art which I cared for lovingly in my own home. But one night in 1997, when all my family were at home, we suffered a break-in. Such was my alarm that I began to dream of setting up a museum where the works could be both seen and safe, thereby restoring serenity to me and my family.
On a visit to Santa Maria di Leuca in 1999, I met the Rector of the Basilica, Don Guiseppe Stendardo, and learned of his wish to set up a museum.
I had no hesitation in offering to donate my collection. I was immediately taken to see the magnificent, freshly restored exhibition space next door to the Basilica.




I must admit that the spontaneity and readiness of Don Guiseppe left me speechless and strangely embarrassed; in a few moments I had found a
museum and the Basilica had found a collection of works to exhibit.
What emotion! Leaving the Rector of the Basilica I was moved to visit the image of the Madonna of Leuca to thank her for her intercession and
for the determination she gave me.
I wish to thank all those near to me who encouraged me to realise this museum, beginning with my family who supported the project and lovingly
put up with the weight of my obstinacy. I never imagined rising to such heights, acquiring for the musem works of notable Italian and foreign artists
who believed in the value of the initiative and - in their goodness - gave their moral support and their works: to all of them, and to the heirs of those
who are no longer with us, my thanks.
I also wish to thank the Comune of Desio, the Collection Cardinal Lercaro of Bologna, Professor Alfredo Mazzotta for his encouragement, the
committee which assisted and advised me, and the renowned art critic Professor Giorgio Seveso, who had the patience to listen to me. Special thanks
to the Bishop of Ugento & Santa Maria di Leuca, Monsignor Vito De Grisantis, and to the Rector and Parish Priest Monsignor Guiseppe Stendardo
for helping me to realise my dream.
I hope that the works of art now exhibited in the 'Museum Vito Mele' will arouse in visitors the same love of life and of beauty that they inspire in

Vito Mele- Founder Museum Vito Mele

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